After School Special

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After School Special is Faraway's weekly student jam. If you just attended Study Hall, our weekly drop-in class, or you're an active improv student anywhere, then the Jam is free

Improv jams are a fun way for students to get to know and perform with other students. Names will be drawn at random to form different teams, and those teams will each get to perform a short set. 

There are no ticket refunds available at this time. Faraway Theater is located at 1211 27th Pl S Suite 20, Birmingham, AL 35205. Parking is available in the lot and on the street. The entrance is located past the Electra film lab drop-box. The theater is primarily accessed by stairs, so please email [email protected] and we can provide access to our ground-level entrance. lf you have any other assistance needs or questions, please email [email protected].


Faraway Theater - 1211 27th Pl S Suite 20, Birmingham, AL 35205

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